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What is "What You Call"

Every day, we come across questions such as, what you call the study of clouds, or what do you call an animal with a shell. Sometimes we have an image in mind but do not recall the exact word for it and have difficulty finding the exact word for a phrase on the net. What you call website provides thousands of such questions and answers. Besides, all such questions have been put in the form of quiz so that a visitor learns not one but many related words and their meanings and usage. The site is a great resource for inquisitive learners and students who want to improve their general knowledge or vocabulary. What you call website contains thousands of quiz questions, general knowledge questions and answers. All such quiz questions have been methodically put under different categories of saved searches so that visitors to the website could easily find them, use them and learn from them.

On the website a visitor can also download, save and print the quiz pages and use these quiz questions to enhance knowledge and vocabulary of his friends, kids or students. Visitors are requested to share their feedback and send their own what do you call questions and answers on
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